Belonging combines pure natural silk in vibrant colours with hand-made nuno felting and embroidery, traditional Japanese kimono drapery, and strong lines. 

In designing and creating these looks, Iva was exploring the notion that belonging is not about place, but about connections with people. The bold lines and colours remind us to venture beyond the comfortable and familiar, while the meandering flows of the felting and hand-embroidery speak of the warmth of unexpected friendships made in new lands and cultures.  


Exclusivity vs availability

Each look is truly unique because it has been made once only, in size 8. The looks shown in the photographs, and now available for purchase in our store, are the actual garments worn by models in the premier runway of Belongingin New York City in February 2018… hence their exclusivity.

Depending upon demand and availability of fabrics, some looks may become available again, and may be available in different sizes. However, true to Iva’s philosophy, no two items will be identical because there will always be differences in the fabric, colour, felting, embroidery, or other features.


Nuno felting

Nuno felting is a technique developed in the early 1990s by Australian artist, Polly Stirling.
The felt is created by bonding wool to silk, and we have layered it to build up colour, textures and decorative patterns, creating unique designs that cannot be exactly reproduced.


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