Special Orders


Iva Pfeiffer Creations specialises in creating exclusive and glamorous gowns and looks for formal occasions and high-profile events. 
Contact us to discuss how we can design and make a stunning creation just for you.



Iva Pfeiffer Creations designs and creates exclusive one-off items for any occasion that calls for something breath-taking and wonderful, so you stand out from the crowd.

We consult with you to select every element of your creation, including the design, fabric, colours and features to create a totally unique look that’s perfect for your colouring, body shape, and personality.


Select a design from any of our collections, and tell us the size, fabric, colour and alterations you’d like, and we’ll create a unique made-to-measure item just for you. 

We provide friendly professional advice along the way so your finished garment or ensemble looks and feels wonderful. We’ll also help you select distinctive highlights, such as contrasting elements, embroidery, felting, and lace.


We’re always excited to collaborate with others and explore mutually beneficial ways of generating buzz and energy to raise your profile and ours in creative and harmonious ways. 

We’ve successfully collaborated with many people and organisations, including milliners, bloggers, musicians, celebrities, media organisations, documentary-makers, and organisers and hosts of special events.



weddings and pre-wedding events · opening nights, awards, galas, balls · red carpet events · press and television interviews and performances · photo shoots · high-profile sporting events · media events · intimate performances, soirees, and salons



Iva Pfeiffer Creations guarantees that we will not make your exclusive creation for anyone else.